Cockham Superheroes Version 0.2.3 + Inc patch


Cockham Superheroes

You play as a young, muscle-bound, horse-hung superhero who recently joined the Cockham League of Justice in charge of fighting sex crime in the pervert-infested city. Will you use your Super-Powers to bring notorious Super-Villains to justice or will you let the temptation of Evil overtake you and become a Super-Villain yourself?…?


– Special action-packed Event that will trigger automatically (sex with Wonder Woman).
– Arkham Asylum location added – fly with Powergirl in the evening to obtain it.
– Quest 04 implemented – Go to Lara’s room after Special Event to trigger it. Introduces She-Hulk (sex).
– Two sex scenes with Miss Scarlet once She-Hulk quest is activated – visit Arkham in the evening.
– Two sexy night pool scenes with Powergirl available.
– Titjob from Demona in the Villain route available every week at night.

– Quest 02 implemented – sex with Lara Crotch.
– Super-Combat training with the Black Widow at the gym. Two scenes (so return), one with a “happy ending”.
– Super-Agility training with Wonder Woman at the gym (ending in a blowjob).
– Super-Seduction training with Captain MILF in her room at night (sexy scene with breastfeeding).
– Super-Strength training with Superman at the gym (Super-Villain or Super-Hero point available).
– Sex scene with the Black Widow at the pool during the day available (extended scene if MC has acquired the Cockring of Lust).
– Lingerie sessions with Powergirl in her room at night (ending in a footjob)
– Lingerie store available with a handjob scene with store clerk available.


Developer: EpicLust
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.3
Language: English
File size: 906 mb