Futagenesis Unveiled Version 0.04


Futagenesis Unveiled

The story follows Jenny, a futanari, as she grapples with the mystery and consequences of her lifelong secret. Why was she born this way? And what would happen if anyone found out?



Note: Some changes were made to earlier dialogue. It’s not absolutely essential to the plot, but some later events will make more sense. Specifically, the very beginning of the game before the “Prologue” card, and the “car scene”.
Added Chapter 1 (previous “Chapter 1” renamed to “Prologue”)
Added over 670 renders
Added several animations
Added 23,000 words
Added dynamic puzzle rule check (huge thanks to Deathbetray)
Added puzzle replay mode to main menu
Highlighted puzzle cells show a preview of unlocked scene
UI/UX Improvements
Minor changes to previous content. Slightly adjusted lighting for last prologue scene.


Developer: TessaXYZ
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.04
Language: English
Size: 926 mb