The Lost Love Ep.2 Public release


The Lost Love

Did You Ever Wonder if the fate gives You another chance to Redeem All your Regrets What will You do?
Will you give a helping hand to the people who loved you or a cold shoulder?
Will You Forgive Everyone, who wronged you in the past or revenge will be given
Whatever you choose will determine if you can find The lost love or loose yourself.


EPISODE-2 Public release
1. Added the last two scenes(one lewd).
1.1 You are finally meeting Jennifer at the present time.
1.2 Introducing Tara, she is going to be a very important character. She has a connection with our protagonist that even he does not know about. I kept her introduction small and sweet cause I still wanted to keep Jennifer the star of this Episode but you will see a lot of Tara in upcoming EPs.

2. Added more music
3. Added more sounds
4. Removed problems from the code.
5. Added a new Main menu image. (Just wanted to add a 5th point.)


Developer: SpeedPostX
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Ep.2 Public release
Language: English
File size: 2120 mb