Trixie’s Holiday Build 6.1 + Android


Trixie's Holiday

This is a story about Trixie you go around fucking any girl (or guy) you like


Trixie’s Holiday Build 4.2
– Added 2 H-scenes for Big alley lady (both scenes has variations).
– Added a “Legs up” version for the missionary scene for Android girl as a variation (can be accessed in the H-menu of the scene).
– Added 2 “Futa on Male” scenes for uncle (switchable).
– Added 2 scenes for pink-haired alley girl as variations (new ones can be accesed via casual “50$” scene).
– Android girl sometimes reacts depending on duration of her ride.
– It saves “Futa on Male” and “Debug” options now.
– Futa on male scenes are now marked with purple heart (instead of red heart)
– Fixed few more “New textbox” bugs.
– Added few more sounds.


Developer: Blacksheep Ovca
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Build 6.1
Language: English
File size: 1520 mb

Download game PC:

Download Android: size: 1600 mb